How Soul Shake Down Studios is carving out their own lane in San Diego hip-hop

As I drive down a familiar street in my hometown, I can hear the bass of a heavy-hitting trap song outside my window. Whether it's from a house or a nearby car I can't tell, but the thought quickly slips my mind as I run over questions in my head. I park in a cul-de-sac … Continue reading How Soul Shake Down Studios is carving out their own lane in San Diego hip-hop

New Music Roundup: November

New music roundups are a monthly recap dedicated to covering the latest music in a series of short, descriptive reviews. This month’s edition includes new releases from Action Bronson, Mike WiLL Made-It, Rosalía and more. Action Bronson - White Bronco Amidst filming his ongoing television show (highly recommend for foodies and weed-heads) and other out-of-booth … Continue reading New Music Roundup: November

Album Review: Lido IOU & IOU 2

I remember the first time hearing singer, songwriter and producer Lido: I was 18 years old, watching a YouTube video of an “electronic artist” performing next to a professional orchestra. My curiosity was intrigued by the unimaginably paired vocoder complementing the viola string section; such oddly distant instruments had somehow found sweet spots in the … Continue reading Album Review: Lido IOU & IOU 2

Album Review: Anderson .Paak – Oxnard

Every era has its group of entertainers that eventually achieve household name status. From Michael Jackson and Prince to Justin Timberlake and Beyonce, each generation of music is keen to producing a select number of individuals fit for center stage. Anderson .Paak is perhaps one of this decade's notable show stopping performers. A multifaceted talent … Continue reading Album Review: Anderson .Paak – Oxnard

K-pop and the Eastern Wave: Is the West Ready?

American audiences are always late to the party on new music. It doesn't matter if it’s within their own borders or outside of it. Whether it’s because of the egotistical thought of everything having to be in English, general American ego, or xenophobia, things that aren’t perceived as American often aren't accepted in the pop … Continue reading K-pop and the Eastern Wave: Is the West Ready?