Spencer Cullum – Imminent Shadow

Lauded for its candid mix of Canterbury folk and pastoral psychedelia, Spencer Cullum’s debut album Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection remains one of 2020’s most spellbinding releases. A well-reputed sideman out of the Nashville school, Cullum’s first LP is officially receiving a UK release on September 21 through fantastic imprint Full Time Hobby.

Ahead of the expanded release date, Cullum and designer Mark Neeley have shared brand new visuals for one of Coin Collection’s seminal tracks, the haunting mood piece “Imminent Shadow.” Taking cues from classic British animation of the ’60s and ’70s, Neeley’s illustrations unravel the song’s winding melody in a gentle swath of darkness.

Watch the video for “Imminent Shadow” below and buy + stream Spencer Cullum‘s album Spencer Cullum’s Coin Collection out everywhere on yk records.

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