Cecilia James – Pretty In Your Eyes

Cecilia James’ music is a deep well of enchanting beauty. Centered around her floating, melodic voice, her brand of primitive yet spellbinding indie folk conjures an oasis of calm that evokes a place somewhere between dream and real life. The second single from the Santa Barbara-based starlet’s debut EP, Different Ground, “Pretty In Your Eyes” offers another glimpse at the budding songwriter’s intimate style with a stunning video that takes after the goth-inspired imagery of cult TV and cinema classics Twin Peaks and The Virgin Suicides.

In regards to the song, James says, “‘Pretty In Your Eyes’ was written about the universal feeling of longing to be loved in return, as well as losing yourself to another person. It’s also very much about my own struggle with self-worth in and out of relationships. The song starts off slow and dreamy, gradually building on the darker emotions that underlie those internal battles.”

The slow burn that inhabits “Pretty In Your Eyes” is at once lyrical and visceral, an appropriate taster for the stripped back ballads one can expect from the forthcoming project. Largely comprised of songs written during James’ journey into young adulthood, the EP is a charming introduction to her breezy, confessional love songs.

Watch the full video for Cecilia James’ new single “Pretty In Your Eyes” below and buy/stream her debut EP Different Ground out everywhere July 30.

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