What’s up fam! My name is Roberto Johnson and welcome to my music blog. I’m currently a 22-year-old public relations professional in the greater Los Angeles area, and when I’m not bugging reporters or writing press releases, odds are you can find me either at a ball game or someplace with my friends, almost always debating about my favorite bands and records. I’m a San Diego native, a huge sports fan, and an aspiring vinyl hoarder. Most of all, I’m just a regular dude. And few things get me going like listening to and talking about my favorite tunes.

Over the course of the past few years, one of my desires has been to start up a blog and write about new music, do album reviews, and offer interesting opinions on topics that I enjoy discussing and digging into. As a writer, I’ve always been hesitant about making the commitment to maintaining a blog and continuously posting stuff, but you know what? I love music way too much to pretend I don’t want to do it. I’m not out to be a notorious critic or to salvage music journalism. I really just want to share my ideas and flesh them out so that everybody else can get a glimpse of the way I see things.

So without further a due, I give you my brain child: Riffs and Rhymes. A place for me to ramble on and write nonsense about whatever my ears are listening to.

Stoked at the chance to share some of my thoughts with you! Stay tuned for my latest posts and hope you enjoy… Peace.

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