Album Review: Maxton Schulte – Retrograde Emotion

Catharsis (noun): purification or purgation of the emotions, primarily through art. Amid releasing two records in the span of a year with psych rock outfit The Shorelines, Santa Barbara based singer, producer and multi-instrumentalist Maxton Schulte found himself with an abundance of written material, much of which largely stemmed from significant personal experiences and feelings towards … Continue reading Album Review: Maxton Schulte – Retrograde Emotion

Album Review: Kadhja Bonet – Childqueen

Kadhja Bonet's soul music is in a unique class. It's composed into dense layers of classical instrumentation and rich vocal arrangements, pulled together harmoniously to produce a spacious psychedelic sheen. Her latest album, Childqueen, employs these characteristics to depict a deeply personal journey in which she seeks to detach herself from the unavoidable influences of man's … Continue reading Album Review: Kadhja Bonet – Childqueen

Album Review: Mitski – Be the Cowboy

In a world of diminishing indie rock icons, Mitski is blossoming into one of the independent scene's most beloved singer-songwriters. The 27-year old Japanese-American musician, widely known for her nomadic lifestyle and endless touring, is much more than a measly indie rocker. She has a subtle knack for giving pop songs an artsy flair, frequently … Continue reading Album Review: Mitski – Be the Cowboy