Jeffrey Silverstein – “River Running By”

“River Running By” is the latest addition to Portland musician Jeffrey Silverstein’s growing collection of entrancing soundscapes that draw from his native Pacific Northwest. The first single from his forthcoming Torii Gates EP, out this spring on Arrowhawk Records, the track is a musical manifestation of “blue mind,” the meditative state we experience when near or in water. Expanding on the pastoral psychedelia of last year’s You Become The Mountain, Silverstein’s latest sways and swoons with a blend of comforting sounds, where voice and song assume the aura that emanates from being immersed in beautiful outdoor spaces. Slow, winding guitar lines and euphoric pedal steel once again dominate the canvas, filling the atmosphere with a warm sensation while also leaving space for the stillness of the present moment. Silverstein’s recurring verse evokes the feeling of looking back on the halcyon days of a bygone summer season, simultaneously anticipating the return of sunnier times and long afternoons spent on the banks of your favorite watering hole. Reflective and thoughtfully composed, “River Running By” illustrates the lucid connection between mind, spirit, and water with a serene sense of optimism.

Pre-order Jeffrey Silverstein’s new EP Torii Gates out April 16 on Arrowhawk Records and listen to “River Running By” out everywhere. Image by Shade Standard + album art by Sunny Eckerle.

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