Matt LaJoie – Paraclete Tongue

The instant you press play on a Matt LaJoie record, you step into a transformative portal that opens you up to ever-changing dimensions of sound and space. With each new album, LaJoie creates another universe, every song serving as its own free-form meditation, for which his psychedelic pruning acts as the guide. Recorded in the summer of 2020, Paraclete Tongue is another cosmic installation on the continuum of LaJoie’s musical saga. The follow up to last year’s Everlasting Spring, the latest solo venture from the Maine-based multi-instrumentalist deepens his catalog of expansive guitar music with a collection of entirely-electric material that explores the essence of the fire element and its role within our earthly and celestial worlds. If Everlasting Spring was the calm serenity of spring showers, Paraclete Tongue is the rising sun that invades the atmosphere in the storm’s aftermath. The compositions are patiently performed and warm in tone, spiraling and shimmering into slow-winding serenades that begin in states of measured hypnosis and drift off into beaming instrumental suites that embody the qualities of our life-giving star. The music is radiant, lucent, and aflame in fuzz and spiritually-infused harmonics. Like everything else in LaJoie’s budding discography, it manifests a sense of healing and invites momentous reflection.

Buy and stream Matt LaJoie’s new album Paraclete Tongue out everywhere on Flower Room.

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