Adeline Hotel – Good Timing

Even amid the onslaught of fantastic records being released in the world of instrumental folk music, Adeline Hotel’s Dan Knishkowy has a distinctly identifiable sound. The acoustic companion to last year’s Solid Love, Knishkowy’s new album, Good Timing, marks a departure from traditional songwriting and sees the New York tunesmith working more like a composer, stitching together beautiful overlays of spellbinding guitar work to form a web of gentle, entrancing songs that are equally delicate and enveloping. Tracks like “Photographic Memory” and “Homemade Lemonade” have an elemental feel in which the performances resemble human senses and emotions more than actual instrumental parts. This bare naturalism creates a strong vibe of intimacy, a space where the uniformity of the record operates at its most effective. Each song contains its own nuances, though in name and feeling, “Untangling” seems an appropriate representation of Good Timing at large; it is an album of easy sounds and soft textures, an unfurling of pleasant acoustic backdrops and quietly melodic song progressions, its presence restrained yet evocative.

Buy and stream Adeline Hotel’s new album Good Timing out everywhere on Ruination Records.

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