Unlucky Sonny – “Home”

Power pop maestros Unlucky Sonny have released their latest single, “Home,” an unthinkably catchy tune that dwells on the ideology of home and its sentimental significance beyond being a place to lay your head. The L.A. indie rockers’ new track is punchy and playful, a tasteful mix of alternative flair and modern guitar pop, bolstered by a booming hook, a driving beat, and languid riffs that accentuate the angst in the song’s lyrics. The brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, Brayden Wiggins, Unlucky Sonny’s strength lies in its romantic embrace of the classic four-piece lineup. As a unit, they are sharp and precise, polished enough to be heard in a decent drinking establishment somewhere in North Hollywood but raw and innocent to the point where they also sound like the band of best friends making lots of noise in your neighbor’s garage down the street. Their charm culminates on “Home”’s fiery chorus, where all the members join in on the melody, making for an uplifting, replay-inducing respite from all things glum.

Buy and stream Unlucky Sonny’s new song “Home” out everywhere.

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