Album Review: 6LACK – East Atlanta Love Letter

Love letters have always been used to give their recipient a confirmation or affirmation of love after the sender has been absent or faraway. They are sometimes used to save fading relationships. Salvaging what they can through their words before it’s gone forever. Finding what they had lost. 6LACK (pronounced Black) is trying his best … Continue reading Album Review: 6LACK – East Atlanta Love Letter

Examining Cancel Culture in Music

As times change, people's sense of values changes as well to fit the social standard they have set for themselves. It's a climate change that can't be denied because someone's personal life and relationships can be directly affected by it. Each generation having issues that it stresses more than others. Some issues stretch across generations … Continue reading Examining Cancel Culture in Music

Album Review: Kadhja Bonet – Childqueen

Kadhja Bonet's soul music is in a unique class. It's composed into dense layers of classical instrumentation and rich vocal arrangements, pulled together harmoniously to produce a spacious psychedelic sheen. Her latest album, Childqueen, employs these characteristics to depict a deeply personal journey in which she seeks to detach herself from the unavoidable influences of man's … Continue reading Album Review: Kadhja Bonet – Childqueen