Emilee Emiko – Emilee Emiko

A Los Angeles transplant who grew up on an Alpaca farm on the coast of Oregon, Emilee Emiko’s debut EP is a culmination of deep self-reflection and years spent in endless artistic pursuit. Consisting of four quaint, skillfully-arranged tracks, the songs on Emilee Emiko craft a serene and bubbly folk-pop sound somewhere between a more rustic Mazzy Star and Jenny O.’s sensual indie-rock. Supported by an all-star cast of L.A. musicians that includes Graeme Gibson, Ron Lewis, Lauren Jacobson, and Michael Nau, the enveloping instrumentation melded with Emiko’s delicate voice creates a calming effect, a sonic quality that speaks to the themes of healing and self-love running throughout each song. The weeping string arrangements on “Looking” help punctuate a sense of emotional longing, while the atmospheric mix of synth and percussion on “Duet,” a song reminiscent of pre-Teen Dream era Beach House, distills feelings of anxiety and inner turmoil through a soft celebratory groove. Similarly, the dreamy guitar ballad “Wishing Away” offers a gentle nudge of encouragement, suggesting there is light in even our most recurring worries. The most upbeat number, “Quiet,” takes the notion a step further, dancing off any and all existential preoccupations with an irresistibly vibrant melody and hook that make for instant ear candy.

Purchase and stream Emilee Emiko’s new EP Emilee Emiko out everywhere via Perpetual Doom.

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