Acres Even – “Earl Greyson” (Music Video)

L.A.’s indie rock sweethearts Acres Even are back with fresh visuals for their latest single, “Earl Greyson.” The new video comes on the heels of the band’s debut EP, Rose Gold, released last September, and captures the essence of the track’s feel-good beach rock through playful costume arrangements and set designs that range from all-too-awkward prom pictures and sloppy business meetings to awkward dinner table affairs and quirky kitchen adventures. At the core of the tune is the band’s tight and breezy rhythmic interplay, their ever-present rigid guitar tones, and an instantly-hummable vocal that romanticizes the almighty cup of tea as the perfect partner.

Watch the full video for “Earl Greyson” below and read our interview with Acres Even from last fall here.

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