Lyric of the Week: Gang Starr – Moment of Truth

Lyric: Looking at the situation plainly, will you remain G or will you be looked upon strangely? Song: Gang Starr - "Moment of Truth" Album: Moment of Truth (1998) Background: Often credited as the pioneers of jazz rap, Gang Starr originally started releasing demos in 1986 when Boston-born rapper Guru (then known as MC Keithy E), DJ 1, … Continue reading Lyric of the Week: Gang Starr – Moment of Truth

The Shorelines – Head Arrangements

As the new decade approaches, California indie rock continues to exist in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Out of the many coastal cities along CA's southern and central coasts, Santa Barbara's local scene is ripe with creative groups chipping away at developing something of a distinct sound. That narrative especially applies to The … Continue reading The Shorelines – Head Arrangements