The Shorelines – “Love Is Here”


Ahead of their recently announced third studio album Head Arrangements, Santa Barbara psych-rock duo The Shorelines returns with another entry in their catalog of lo-fi surf-jazz, on a new cut titled “Love Is Here.” Intricately assembled and moderately paced, the track is gentle yet familiarly stimulating. The melody finds a balance between dueling instruments, with guitarist Maxton Schulte’s warbly licks smoothly navigating the outer rim of drummer Justin Kass’ pulsating percussion.

“Love Is Here” packs the same energy that has fueled the band’s previous output, albeit with a much more tamed demeanor. Where past Shorelines material seemed obsessed with creating a certain atmosphere, the track appears focused on achieving more with less, determined to find greater significance in simplicity. Its tone is subtle and direct, a quality best captured by the passing refrain “love is here, love is now” – the only lyrics to appear on the song.

Listen to “Love Is Here” below and stay up to date with new music and tour dates from The Shorelines here.

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