numün – voyage au soleil

voyage au soleil, the new album from numün, is a listening experience for stargazers and space obsessives. The fresh collaboration from SUSS’s Bob Holmes and sonic auteurs Joel Mellin and Chris Romero, a unique group of artists with complex and dynamic compositional skill sets, features six hypnotic instrumentals. Over its run time, the project offers a disparate blend of cosmic soundscapes, western and eastern psychedelia, and computer music, creating an intense, ever-revolving atmosphere of mutating shapes, colors and sounds.

Constructed as a story about solar escapism, the record functions as a linear journey into outer space. It’s first two tracks, “tranceport” and “first steps,” begin as slow-building crescendos before transforming into ornate psychedelic arrangements that signify the chaotic ascend into orbit. The blend of guitar and Eastern string instruments create a warm driving force that evoke the red and yellow hues of the approaching sun. Subsequent tracks, particularly “mission loss” and “expanse,” shift gears into a mellow drift across the astral plane. Swirling synths and blips of noise conjure the feeling of being suspended in space, floating in stillness until “voyage au soleil” soundtracks the epic crash landing into the hot plasma of our life-giving burning star.

Purchase and stream numün’s new album voyage au soleil out everywhere this Friday, September 4.

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