ALITA – “Too Close”

Too Close - ALITA single cover art

The beauty of modern pop music is that by today’s definition, “pop” can mean anything. In the case of ALITA, it not only describes the stimulating qualities of her sound and musical aesthetic, it also suggests her ability pack loads of emotional depth into her ear-friendly melodies.

On her latest single “Too Close,” the Seattle songstress takes her sound to cinematic new heights, observing the inner workings of a past relationship from the perspective of her former partner. Here, ALITA’s atmospheric art-pop meets the electronic stylings of contemporary R&B, a melding of sounds that beams at every chord change.

During the build up to each chorus, ALITA ponders the pitfalls of intimacy, the lyrics likening to the melodramatic undertones of the music. When the hook arrives, both the narrative and instrumental arrive at their climax. Ascending percussion and space-tearing synths collide head-on with the narrator’s internal turmoil, revealing that the romantic hesitations of ALITA’s lover perhaps even reflect fears of her own.

Listen to “Too Close” below and keep up with the latest music and news from ALITA on Instagram.

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