Andrea & Mud – Bad News Darlin’

3. Bad News Darlin' Album Cover

True to their regional heritage, Andrea & Mud’s musical style is a jambalaya of Southern influences mixed with their likeness for sunny West Coast melodies. On their second collaborative effort, Bad News Darlin’, they cultivate a cosmic western sound that’s equal parts honky-tonk and surf. On the surface, their lonesome twang evokes the feeling of trekking through a barren and rugged landscape in search of an oasis: the perfect soundtrack for a horseback-riding, gun-slinging adventure on the big screen. Diving deeper into the songs, a strong compositional element intertwines the music’s diverse roots. The bluesy rhythms on “Hellhounds,” the Bakersfield-esque boogie of “Birmingham, AL 8:30 AM” and “The Reason Why She Cries,” and the breezy beach-pop of “Send Your Love My Way” all spotlight the duo’s sonic ambitions with instrumental fervor. Whether it’s Andrea Colburn’s impassioned vocal or “Mud” Moseley’s pastoral baritone, they consistently infuse their simple songs with sincere ache and yearning.

Purchase and stream Andrea & Mud’s new album Bad News Darlin’ this Friday, June 12.


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