Haiva Ru – “Oh, but Lover”

Santa Barbara singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Allie Merrill, who records under the band name Haiva ru, is quickly establishing her artistic prowess to be one of careful attention to detail. The latest track from her forthcoming LP, “Oh, but Lover” is yet another lush mix of bedroom-flavored indie pop, fueled by her growing knack for penning sticky melodies.

Thematically, “Oh, but Lover” wrestles with the concept of leaving behind relationships that ultimately harm us more than they help us flourish, an ideology inherent to our very own human nature and how deep down, we always yearn for comfort. Though unquestionably derived from melancholy sentiments, Merrill’s reflections on the essence of self-love lead to an evergreen revelation that caring for our own well-being is vital to becoming the best version of ourselves.

It’s also impossible to deny the song’s dreamy makeup, which plays like an acoustic take on the enveloping soundscapes of Baltimore dream-pop legends, Beach House. Coated in subtle synth notes, nimble guitar playing and even incorporating a gentle saxophone passage, each instrumental nuance helps build an overall aesthetic that’s both gloomy and enchanting.

Listen to “Oh, but Lover” on all streaming platforms and keep up with the latest Haiva ru music and news on Instagram.

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