Aim High – “Hazey Days”

On their debut single “Hazey Days,” Columbia, South Carolina-based rock outfit Aim High present themselves as both stylistically uncompromising and emotionally deranged. At its core, the track is a powerful crossing of pop-punk and metal, unrelenting in its quest to paralyze whatever stands in its path. In observing the band’s tenacious instrumental pallet, it’s easy to see how they effortlessly blend these two worlds. Dueling guitars of varied tone and distortion catapult the track into a frenzy of headbanging riffs and create a shimmering atmosphere, with thunderous percussion serving as the engine that fuels the song’s abrasive underbelly.

Pulling the tune together is the gut-wrenching angst of vocalist Caleb Brown – a quality accentuated by the menacing screams of despair that often follow his lead, lingering in the air like an unerasable doom. “Don’t come back to me,” he wails throughout each chorus – a line that alludes to the song’s true identity: a bonafide rock anthem simultaneously filled with optimism and rot with hopelessness.

Watch the music video for “Hazey Days” below and keep up with news and music from Aim High on Instagram.

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