Alex Cameron – “Miami Memory”


Pop-rock virtuoso and Aussie songwriter Alex Cameron returned to the spotlight last week with a fiery music video for his passionate new single “Miami Memory.” What will presumably be the first tease from his forthcoming album, the track melds the subdued grooviness from Cameron’s debut Jumping the Shark and the laughably ridiculous lyrical takes from 2017’s Forced Witness to create an industrial love song for the ages.

While Cameron has proven himself a master at creating wildly entertaining storylines for the characters in his songs, “Miami Memory” carries a chip on its shoulder that feels as though it comes from a personal place. The sentiment on this occasion: deep, burning love – specifically towards his partner Jemima Kirke (also featured in the video). The relationship portrayed between the couple is both outrageous yet undeniably true, self-obsessed, yet unconditional.

Like so many great Al Cam songs, the track is blessed by the one and only Roy Molloy and his marvellous saxophone. Adding to the ambience are a mix of high-ringing synthesizers and haunting singular key notes, both accentuated by the frigid percussion that steers the track onward.

Cameron’s next LP figures to be his boldest yet – a tall order, considering the bizarre yet brilliant concepts of his previous two releases. For the time being, “Miami Memory” holds the throne for the most endearing love song in the Al Cam canon.

Watch the music video for “Miami Memory” below and stay up to date with Alex Cameron’s music and tour dates here.

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