Del Square & Invisible Movement – “Memories Fade”

Introspective indie crooner Alejandro Juarez of Invisible Movement is back with “Memories Fade,” a fresh single in collaboration with multi-instrumentalist Del Square. Clocking in at just under five minutes, the new track is an aggressive, rave-up style synth-rock jam in the vein of ’80s U.K. giants The Smiths and The Cure. Backed by a pulsing stadium-sized drum beat, the song’s moody synth arpeggios are dark and atmospheric, creating a dark and enveloping atmosphere around Juarez’ wistful vocal. The dark punk overtones and mild paranoia in the lyrics capture one of 2020’s most common sentiments: change is inevitable and often unpredictable; and regardless of how we navigate through each shifting moment, most experiences are only temporary after all.

Stream Del Square & Invisible Movement’s new song “Memories Fade” out everywhere.

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