Esther Rose – “Thirteen”

Coming fresh off the heels of her outstanding 2020 covers EP My Favorite Mistakes, New Orleans singer-songwriter Esther Rose is back with “Thirteen,” a stomping country-rocker about seeking comfort in the wake of trouble. The track is the first release from Lemondrops, a freshly announced single-driven series by newly formed Lemonade Records geared towards spotlighting independent artists. While musically warm, jangly and feel-good, the song’s sentiment dwells on the need for empathy in times of conflict. In wrestling with those emotions, Rose draws comparisons between the existential helplessness of her early teenage years to the perpetual angst of the millennial age. Now older, wiser and stronger, she’s chosen to reject that fear and dance through the fire instead, turning what used to be a cry for help into a stirring call to action.

Stream and purchase Esther Rose’s new single “Thirteen” out everywhere.

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