Drew Kelly – “Seaside”

Released in June, Atlanta-based artist Drew Kelly’s breezy second single “Seaside” conjures up what currently feels like a distant summertime dream. Set to twangy guitars and a lax drum beat, it portrays a lazy and carefree afternoon by the ocean – a buzzed and nostalgic treat during the days of beach closures and quarantine. Void of any outside concerns or unnecessary stress, Kelly indulges in a bounty of typical coastal delights: sunbathing in the sand, sipping on a cold beverage and taking in the friendly scenery of a hot day at the beach. The song’s simplicity captures the perpetual longing most of us are feeling this summer – the yearning to get away, be outside and surround ourselves with a warm atmosphere. It’s unclear when days like the one in “Seaside” will be easily experienced on a universal level again, but no one’s complaining about the abundance of feel-good indie pop jams we’re getting while our leisure lives remain limited.

Stream Drew Kelly’s new song “Seaside” out everywhere and watch the music video below.

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