Neil Young – Homegrown


Previously only heard on bootlegs and by close peers and collaborators, Neil Young’s long-lost 1975 album Homegrown is finally available to the mass public. Written and recorded during Young’s most prolific and prodigious decade, Homegrown has all the makings of a classic ditch-era Neil Young record. Its dejected demeanor and country-tinged instrumentation allow it to fit neatly within his early to mid-’70s output, channeling both the melodic folkiness of Harvest and the ragged rock and roll of Tonight’s the Night. Lamenting his up and down relationship with then-lover Carrie Snodgress, Young sounds frail and on the verge of being broken. Unlike his other downer classics, here his trauma primarily concerns himself and his family. In turn, Young relays his struggle with intimacy and tenderness but not at the expense of his inimitable charm. Homegrown is the work of a mercurial poet finding hope in his darkest hour and another touchstone from the iconic songwriter’s most revered era.

Purchase and stream Neil Young’s new album Homegrown everywhere.

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