Hannah Telle – “Colors”


Hannah Telle’s songs are bound by a steady coalition of sounds that often include dreamy guitar chords and an overarching ambiance that works as an atmospheric backdrop for her velvety voice. Her vocal prowess, which lands somewhere between that of a hushed folk singer and a dream-pop crooner, is the glue that holds her ethereal brand of indie pop together. On her new single, “Colors,” Telle’s stately nature as a singer-songwriter comes to life within a bold and kaleidoscopic instrumental pallet.

“Colors” presents a unique array of sounds that are able to feel distant and intimate at the same time. There is a welcome contrast between the lucid feeling created by the spacey synths and delicate vocal layering and the track’s aggressive underlying rhythms, which include a firm funk bassline and tumbling percussion that feels as if it’s rolling downhill at a thundering pace. The emphasis on the groove, especially its rich electronic components, can also be attributed to the touch of producer Riley Geare, a jazz-funk auteur of sorts who has a knack for bringing the most infectious elements of the beat to its forefront.

The melding of these worlds – pretty, enchanting melodies and lavish, full-bodied grooves – adds up to be much more than a pleasant aesthetic. “Colors” succeeds as a well-orchestrated production and an eclectic mix of sound, style and substance.

Listen to “Colors” on Bandcamp and keep up with the latest music and news from Hannah Telle on Instagram.

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