Jeffrey Silverstein – “Cosmic Scene” / “Easy Rider”


Portland-based songwriter Jeffrey Silverstein has returned with a pair of lush tunes ahead of his brand new album, You Become the Mountain, out April 3 on Arrowhawk Records. Expanding on the ambient-folk soundscapes explored on last year’s How On Earth EP, “Cosmic Scene” and “Easy Rider” mark the latest entries in Silverstein’s growing catalog of meditative guitar music.

Silverstein’s musical résumé includes tenures in multiple cities and various bands, notably Nassau and Secret Mountains, though his recent work has taken up a more atmospheric sound. His newest songs, which were largely inspired by the Pacific Northwest, meditation, running, and his work as a special education teacher, yet again show a masterful display of restraint and attention to detail.

At just over six minutes in length, “Cosmic Scene” channels the tranquility of a Zen retreat. The intertwining of Barry “Country Toke” Walker’s waning pedal steel and Silverstein’s carefully-measured guitar licks paints a setting somewhere between the serene landscapes of the PNW and space.

Another roomy composition with sylvan charm, “Easy Rider” radiates unusual warmth, riding a gentle groove into a medley of soft vocal refrains – “Ride on, easy rider / You ride for you / Ride on, easy rider / It’s what you do.” The calm introspective nature of each track signals that Silverstein is as much in tune with his inner self as he is with his surroundings.

Listen to “Cosmic Scene” and “Easy Rider” on all streaming platforms and keep up with the latest music and news from Jeffrey Silverstein on social media.

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