Lyric of the Week: Angel Olsen – Never Be Mine

Lyric of the Week - Regular (12)

Lyric: Coming from an endless place, heaven hits me when I see your face

Song: Angel Olsen – “Never Be Mine”

Album: MY WOMAN (2016)

Background: Few singer-songwriters tackle the unknown abyss above quite like Angel Olsen. Through every one of life’s twists and turns, you can find Olsen on a journey of never-ending fearlessness and faith in oneself. The particular part of that journey that MY WOMAN treads along is the back-breaking road of love. She tries to figure out what love is, how to find it, how to feel it, how to let it go – the list goes on, but one thing remains constant throughout the entire record: knowing one’s own heart is more important than any love affair big or small. In the opening lines of “Never Be Mine,” Olsen sings wide-eyed, “Heaven hits me when I see your face,” all while knowing “you’ll never be mine.” The track sounds right out of a 1960s jukebox and is an essential piece in MY WOMAN’s overarching theme that although love may not seem to ever have a way out once you’re in it, the way in and to survive it is by being in control of your own mind, feelings, and emotions.

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