Jazz-funk auetur Riley Geare welcomes in new decade with album release event at Moroccan Lounge on January 5

On the heels of releasing his second studio album, Los Angeles singer-songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Riley Geare will welcome in the new decade with a brand new batch of fresh cosmic sounds on stage Sunday, January 5 at one of Los Angeles’ most favored hole-in-the-wall venues, the Moroccan Lounge.

A mix of chill wave and jazz-laden funk, Geare’s sound embodies many shapes and colors. Blending a likeness for soft-jazz and mid-tempo electronica, his songs filter a wide range of influences through a kaleidoscopic lens, lending an idiosyncratic voice to his indie-flavored interpretations of classic styles. His most recent release, a composition directly inspired by the science fiction cover art of British painter Bruce Pennington, titled “Eschatus,” presents a disoriented and captivating brand of jazz fusion paced by twisted percussion and bracing sax passages.

Geare’s new album, The Trip Vol. 2, the official follow up to 2018’s groovy 37-minute epic of the same name, is set for release December 31. In describing the album, he stated, “It’s very much the companion to Vol. 1 and the conclusion of a particular chapter in my musical life. These records were done with me writing and composing almost every part. I wanted some music out in the world that was all from me like that. Future projects will probably be more about collaboration and capturing group improvisational moments.”

The release show for The Trip Vol. 2 is presented by Safe Travels Presents and will also include performances from vibrant synth-wave collective Introverted Funk and WWPG (We Want to Play Games). Introverted Funk’s shimmering self-titled single was released last year.

Founded by artist-creatives Lisa Sonoda and Patrick Maniquis, Safe Travels Presents assembles and hosts live events around Los Angeles for burgeoning independent talent. Past shows have included indie singer-songwriter Jennie Lawless, prog-punker David Schaefer of Okay Embrace, and Lisa’s eponymous meditative pop outfit, Sonoda.

Tickets to Riley Geare’s show at the Moroccan Lounge are available on Eventbrite. Follow Riley Geare on Instagram to keep up with his latest news and support his music on Bandcamp. Featured image by Alex Elena. Gig graphic by Lisa Sonoda.


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