Danny Brown – “Best Life”

Hip-hop is full of colorful characters, but none quite like Danny Brown. Well over a decade into his career, the veteran rapper, now turned comedian, has always maintained an eccentric personality and the music to match. Three years after the release of his experimental rap opus Atrocity Exhibition, Brown is back with the second single to his forthcoming fifth album, the Q-Tip executive produced uknowwhatimsayin¿.

His new track, “Best Life,” is a mellow cut that delves into psychedelic hip-hop. Produced by Tip himself, the track features semi-schizo orchestra samples and bracing organ undertones that leave plenty of room for Brown to show out. On this particular song, the Detroit spitter dials back the vocal theatrics to reminisce on his upbringing in the slums of Detroit, a tale which he delivers in his menacing lower register with an air-tight flow.

By now, it’s no secret that Danny is one of the wildest performers in all of hip-hop and his willingness to rap on literally anything has always been one of his most standout qualities. Though less exotic than many of his most famous recordings, “Best Life” still hits many of the tropes commonly associated with Brown’s music: punctual, graphic and keen on dirty humor. Above all, it’s an ode to his continued excellence as an artist, his journey as a lifelong hip-hop devotee and his undying commitment to overcoming struggle and striving to be great.

Listen to “Best Life” on all streaming platforms and keep up with the latest Danny Brown music and news here.

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