Acres Even – “Separate”

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On their debut single, Los Angeles-based indie outfit Acres Even embrace the inevitability of change, while proudly flashing their alt-rock sensibilities. The brand new track, titled “Separate,” is a turbulent take on modern guitar-pop that sees the stout four-piece group arrive and exit in bold, immediate fashion.

Musically, “Separate” features fiery performances on all fronts. Paced by an arresting lead guitar riff, the track has the solid bass line of ingredients essential to crafting a punchy and infectious rock song: moody bass grooves, razor sharp drumming and downcast lyrics that trod along the beat with a subdued sense of urgency. Each instrumental passage bleeds into each other like colors running amok inside a fluid painting, projecting an alarming beauty over the track’s rapid intertwining rhythms.

Amid their noise-infused approach, Acres Even also reveal an unexpected likeness for the surreal. An onslaught of reverb-laden guitars propel the track into a distorted finish, but not before the band guides the listener to an ultimatum, “separate or stay the same.

Listen to “Separate” on all streaming platforms and keep up with the latest Acres Even music and news on Instagram.

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