Holiday Sidewinder – “Baby Oil”

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After a killer run of singles in 2018, Holiday Sidewinder – aka pop’s favorite provocateur – is back with another glitzy and futuristic tune to further build her mystique as an infinitely desirable chanteuse. The latest tease to her upcoming full length debut, “Baby Oil” is a symbolic nod to the toxicity of indulging in dirty, dangerous love, hidden under a blitz of glam and pop erotica. Whether figurative or autobiographical, the characters in Sidewinder’s songs frequently indulge themselves in hedonistic lifestyles, yet their stories always work to reveal a greater message. In this case, even the innocence of something as seemingly harmless as baby oil is a mask for a darker truth – alluding to the idea that too much of anything, no matter how good it feels, is potentially destructive.

Instrumentally, “Baby Oil” is Sidewinder’s most riveting composition to date, incorporating a hypnotic mix of synthesizers, drum machines and bubblegum bass, only before a sneakily funky guitar entry adds a colorful touch to the song. Masterfully intertwined are Holiday’s whispery vocals, which toe the line between bedroom crooner and straight femmebot. This quality enhances the music’s aesthetic appeal tenfold. When combined with Sidewinder’s knack for delivering unforgettable hooks, it’s hard to deny just how stimulating her songs can be. They aren’t just inviting, they reel you in and drown you in their dreamy and seductive atmospheres. “Baby Oil” is no different – undeniably catchy, unabashedly naughty and absolutely essential.

Stream “Baby Oil” below and stay up to date with Holiday Sidewinder’s music and tour dates here.

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