SALES @ Troubadour

For those unfamiliar, SALES is a two-piece band out of Orlando, Florida. Lauren Morgan (vocals, guitar) and Jordan Shih (guitar), come across as two friends who have a great time together and who simply love to jam. They’re charmingly indie at heart, although as of late, they have seen increasing popularity, developing an affectionate fanbase all over the U.S. and beyond.

On the heels of their brand new album Forever & Ever, SALES recently hit the west coast leg of the biggest tour in their young career. Last weekend, I made my way over to the Troubadour in Hollywood to catch them for the third time in three years.

For a neighborhood indie band, SALES knows how to put on a show. They’re at the point now where hole in the wall venues can hardly hold their eager and loving fans. This stop in LA was no different, as an antsy crowd packed the Troubadour, ready to be sent off in the swooning oasis that is SALES.

Forever & Ever is a darling of a minimalist pop record; seeing songs like “Spiral” and “You Look Well” come to life enhances their dreamy and seductive nature noticeably. As amazing as the band’s new record sounded live, I can’t go without mentioning the charm of their older songs. “Pope Is A Rockstar” and “Big Sis” were two of many OG SALES cuts that made their way into the live set, each played with grace and calm precision.

Although relatively simple, the quirky personality and smooth style of SALES’ music is so easy to gravitate to, it’s easy to see them progressing into being a prominent indie act over the next few years. Musically, they’re slowest moments are gentle and easing, they’re emotional highs vibrant and colorful. They stay mostly in one lane, one which is comfortable for them and the listener. They work seamlessly within their chill electric sound and they play at an inviting pace, smiling every step of the way. It’s nearly impossible to not want to go along with them.

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