Honorable Mention: Tash Sultana – Flow State

BACKGROUND: I’ll never forget the first time I heard a song by Tash Sultana. I was scrolling through Instagram and one of my friends posted a video he’d made using Sultana’s song “Notion” in the background. Although I had never heard of this artist, it all sounded somewhat familiar to me. I don’t know what … Continue reading Honorable Mention: Tash Sultana – Flow State

Guest Review: Paramore – After Laughter

BACKGROUND:   When people think of Paramore, they’ll probably associate with them in one of two ways, the emo punk-rock band who made a name for themselves in the early 2000’s with their alternative, Warped Tour vibes, or as the pop-rock band with super catchy hooks and cheerful sound. Needless to say, this Tennessee originated band … Continue reading Guest Review: Paramore – After Laughter