Record Talk Episode 1: Danny Brown – XXX

Few rappers in recent memory have as singular a voice as Danny Brown. With consistently stellar output and a reputation for a killer live show, Brown steadily became one of the most eclectic rap artists of the 2010s.

From his charismatic introduction on 2010’s The Hybrid, to his experimental rap opus 2015’s Atrocity Exhibition, to the veteran-savvy raps of last year’s uknowhatimsayin¿, his discography is ripe and robust with quality material.


This week, for our first episode of Record Talk, we’ll be taking a look at Brown’s 2011 album XXX, an ambitious mixtape that catapulted him from a local riser to an underground phenom. Though many consider Atrocity Exhibition as the seminal Danny Brown album, XXX holds up as a defining contemporary hip-hop record in multiple respects.

Watch the full breakdown below and keep up with future episodes on YouTube and IGTV.

Featured image by Sara Kerens.

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