Album Review: The Shorelines – Head Arrangements

As the new decade approaches, California indie rock continues to exist in all sorts of different shapes and sizes. Out of the many coastal cities along CA's southern and central coasts, Santa Barbara's local scene is ripe with creative groups chipping away at developing something of a distinct sound. That narrative especially applies to The … Continue reading Album Review: The Shorelines – Head Arrangements

Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

Few, if any, rappers this decade have endured as significant a personal and artistic evolution as Tyler, The Creator. His last record, 2017's Flower Boy, was a true coming-of-age album. After a half-decade of anti-establishment antics and abrasive hate-raps, Tyler's complicated persona unearthed a previously unknown side of vulnerability and openness that widely changed his public perception … Continue reading Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

Album Review: Jackie Cohen – Zagg

Much like the artwork on its cover, Zagg, the debut LP from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jackie Cohen is a beautifully messy creation. Rich in color and radiant in sound, the record is a poised display of penmanship, propelled by Cohen's infatuation with turning unlikely phrases into mesmerizing poetry. Her previous two EPs - the brilliant and … Continue reading Album Review: Jackie Cohen – Zagg