Guest Review: Paramore – After Laughter

BACKGROUND:   When people think of Paramore, they’ll probably associate with them in one of two ways, the emo punk-rock band who made a name for themselves in the early 2000’s with their alternative, Warped Tour vibes, or as the pop-rock band with super catchy hooks and cheerful sound. Needless to say, this Tennessee originated band … Continue reading Guest Review: Paramore – After Laughter

Guest Review: Foster the People – Sacred Hearts Club

BACKGROUND: Best known for their breezy smash, summer-hit, “Pumped Up Kicks”, Foster the People have done it again with a heavy hitting record. The Los Angeles group is led by a musician who grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. Mark Foster credits the ultimate California band, The Beach Boys, with first piquing his interest in music … Continue reading Guest Review: Foster the People – Sacred Hearts Club

Guest Review: P.O.S – Chill, dummy

BACKGROUND: P.O.S. (Stefon Alexander) is one of the founding members of the Minneapolis-based hip-hop collective known as Doomtree. The group is well-known as one of the most staunchly independent groups, and they formed their own record label and publisher (Doomtree Records and Doomtree Press, respectively) in the 2000s. With each successive release, P.O.S. gained more … Continue reading Guest Review: P.O.S – Chill, dummy

Album Review: L’Orange – The Ordinary Man

After numerous rapper-producer collaborative albums, North Carolina born beat maker L'Orange is back with his latest solo effort The Ordinary Man. Released on one of hip-hop's favorite record labels, Mello Music Group, his new project is another sample heavy tribute to old film and radio, a smooth orchestration of beats and bars, and perhaps his most accomplished … Continue reading Album Review: L’Orange – The Ordinary Man

New Music round up: Alex Lahey, King Krule, Open Mike Eagle and more

It's the start of a new month, which means it's time to recap some of the recent releases that I didn't get to review in full. There's so much music that comes out each month that it's hard to cover it all, so I'm thinking of making this post a consistent feature. As far as … Continue reading New Music round up: Alex Lahey, King Krule, Open Mike Eagle and more