Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

Few, if any, rappers this decade have endured as significant a personal and artistic evolution as Tyler, The Creator. His last record, 2017's Flower Boy, was a true coming-of-age album. After a half-decade of anti-establishment antics and abrasive hate-raps, Tyler's complicated persona unearthed a previously unknown side of vulnerability and openness that widely changed his public perception … Continue reading Album Review: Tyler, The Creator – IGOR

Album Review: Jackie Cohen – Zagg

Much like the artwork on its cover, Zagg, the debut LP from Los Angeles singer-songwriter Jackie Cohen is a beautifully messy creation. Rich in color and radiant in sound, the record is a poised display of penmanship, propelled by Cohen's infatuation with turning unlikely phrases into mesmerizing poetry. Her previous two EPs - the brilliant and … Continue reading Album Review: Jackie Cohen – Zagg

Album Review: Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising

Natalie Mering has a track record of pushing boundaries. Thus far in her career, she's had the odd ability to always seem left-field and out of the ordinary, yet fit seamlessly into multiple indie music circles. Over time, her experimental tendencies constructed a unique discography consisting of artful fusions of chamber pop and ‘70s-inspired singer-songwriter … Continue reading Album Review: Weyes Blood – Titanic Rising