Lyric of the Week: Blu & Fa†e – Think

Lyric of the Week - Regular (2)

Lyric: I was always told think before you talk, I jogged alongside my train of thought

Song: Blu & Fa†e – “Think”

Album: Open Your Optics to Optimism (2016)

Background: One of the most celebrated underground MCs of the new millennium, Blu has built an extensive discography of densely layered concept albums that pay homage to both the West Coast and hip-hop’s golden age. From his Exile-produced 2007 debut “Below the Heavens” to more recent efforts, such as 2016’s Nottz-assisted “Titans In the Flesh,” his output has remained compelling at every turn. His 2016 collaboration with San Diego beatsmith Fa†e, the atmospheric “Open Your Optics to Optimism,” explores abstract themes like astrology and the essence of human life through the lens of Blu’s existential worldview.

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